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Cliff Graydon - Emerson

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Quick Bio
Cliff is proud of his rural roots. Born in Vita, Cliff went to school in Greenridge, MB and Burnaby Tech in BC. He completed his apprenticeship as a Boilermaker and then began farming in 1973. That same year he married wife Rose Ellen.
He was a founding member of the Manitoba Cattle Producers 34 years ago and served as a Councillor in the RM of Franklin. He also co- chaired the Stuartburn Piney Agricultural District Association for 20 years.
Cliff and Rose operate a Charolais Cattle Breeding operation in Woodmore, Manitoba. Their children Warren, Venessa and Amy and grandchildren Bailey, Colby and Renee all live nearby and are regular visitors to the farm.
Why are you running?
I have been encouraged by a number of my constituents to run for re-election. I feel that I have been a strong voice in the legislature and throughout the Emerson Riding. I would like to have the opportunity to continue that.
Why are you best suited to represent your constituency?
I am a born and raised rural Manitoban and a long time resident of the Emerson Riding. I understand the needs and concerns of folks throughout the Emerson Constituency, as well as all other rural constituencies. I understand and am passionate about the issues that matter to the people of Emerson.
What are the biggest issues in your community?
The main issues for the voters in my area include the lack of access to quality health care for rural communities, crumbling infrastructure in terms of bridges and roads, continual neglect of drainage issues for agricultural producers. Voters are also worried about the wasteful spending of the NDP government – they don’t want to see their money wasted on the west side BiPole line.
If elected, what would be the first thing you would do as the constituency’s MLA?
After I thank my volunteers and supporters, the first order of business would be to meet with relevant stakeholders, notably Mayors and Reeves throughout the Riding to discuss and prioritize issues and explore ideas for solutions and growth in our communities.
Tell us something about yourself that voters might find surprising.
I think most would be surprised to learn that underneath my tough exterior, I am really a bit of a softie and love to spend time with my three grandchildren.

Constituency Profile

This southern Manitoba riding has been drastically changed for the 2011 election as population growth in southeastern Manitoba forced a major redrawing of the electoral map in this region.

While it used to run across the entire southeastern border of Manitoba and North Dakota all the way to Ontario, it lost most of its eastern section to La Verendrye. It now includes Emerson, Altona, Gretna, St. Pierre Jolys and Dominion City.

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