Vote Manitoba

How should your tax dollars be spent?

Over the course of the campaign, those who want your vote will unleash spending promises worth billions of dollars.

But are their spending priorities, your spending priorities?

Our interactive online tool helps you see how you would spend provincial tax dollars - and how that compares to spending decisions of the most recent provincial budget.

Budget Remaining:

Adjust the sliders to the right to make your own budget.

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Adjust the sliders below to make your own budget

Health and Healthy Living

This Department includes Health, Healthy Living, Youth and Seniors.


Actual Budget: $5.0029 Billion -or- 44%


This department includes Advanced Education and Literacy, and Education.


Actual Budget: $2.2475 Billion -or- 20%

Family Services and Consumer Affairs

This Department includes housing services, child care, financial support and services for persons with disabilities.


Actual Budget: $1.3884 Billion -or- 12%

Community, Economic and Resource Development

This Department includes Aboriginal and Northern Affairs, Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives, Conservation, Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade, Housing and Community Development, Infrastructure and Transportation, Innovation, Energy and Mines, Local Government and Water Stewardship.


Actual Budget: $1.6346 Billion -or- 14%

Justice and Other Expenses

This Department includes Legislative Assembly, Executive Council, Civil Service Commission, Culture, Heritage and Tourism, Employee Pensions and Other Costs, Finance, Justice, Labour and Immigration, Sport, Enabling Appropriations, and Other Appropriations.


Actual Budget: $817.196 Million -or- 7%

Debt Servicing Costs

Debt Servicing Costs are a fixed proportion based on the size of the debt and account for 5.8% ($257 Million) of the budget in 2011-12.


Actual Budget: $257 Million

You still have money remaining in your budget to allocate!